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Certified Weld Inspector Services

The American Welding Society created the Certified Weld Inspector program to accredit welding inspectors at the highest standards.  The intensions were to ensure that anyone using this inspection specification for welding and welding oversight received the highest quality craftsmanship expected from a given engineering design for a welded part or project.

AWS-CWI services cover a wide range of welding inspection requirements.  Unlike traditional non-destructive inspections, CWI services can start prior to any welding operations.  In some cases this service is a complete oversight of a welding or fabrication project – verifying, documenting, and reporting per the given requirements.  This can include welder certifications, material certifications, and welding filler material certifications.  Additional requirements could include verifying and documenting weld prep, weld pre-heat / post-heat, machine settings, equipment calibrations, monitoring weld sizes, and visual inspections as the work progresses.  Additional NDT might also be included during and/or after all welding operations are complete.  A comprehensive report with all of the required documentation is presented to the customer upon the welded part or project completion.

Services include:

  • Contract review – determining any and all CWI requirements
  • Documentation review – certifications for welder(s), material, weld filler material, and equipment calibrations
  • Weld prep verification per engineering and drawing requirements
  • Welding operations – pre-heat / post-heat, machine settings, weld size monitoring
  • Visual inspections
  • AWS documentation and reports

Contact American Testing Services if you have a project requiring CWI services or if you’re quoting a weld project with CWI requirements.  We can walk you through the steps to ensure all of your customer’s needs are met.  It is important to remember…if a weld project requires CWI services, saving this for last could be a costly situation for you and your customer.