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Commercial Manufacturing

American Testing Services (ATS) offers a close business relationship to a variety of customers in commercial manufacturing with specific manufactured products or manufacturing processes.

Just as in the aerospace or military fields, customers often have specifications and specific non-destructive testing (NDT) requirements for their products and processes that are focused directly to their needs. Even though these are commercial fields, the attention level needed often parallels military and aerospace requirements. At times, NDT research using any or all the NDT methods available at ATS is needed to help develop requirements and specifications.

Many commercial manufacturing customers require NDT labs to be approved or certified by them prior to inspections. Our commercial manufacturing customer base is as vast as their needs including castings, fabricated assemblies, welding, and forgings. This manufacturing base includes the medical, wind, cryogenic, pumping systems, and oil.

American Testing Services is also proud to be a part of developmental research and inspections in commercial manufacturing. We have a large number of customers with special needs that arise from a problem needing a solution. The relationships develop as we help to determine acceptable customer quality limits and a way to monitor production. In many cases, NDT is the only way to evaluate a suspect manufacturing problem without destroying the part or the evidence for which you are searching.

American Testing Services can provide the knowledge, attention, and service needed for these special projects. Some of the manufacturing industries we work with in this capacity include refrigeration, commercial appliance, material handling, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

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