Predict Product Performance

Metallurgical testing helps you predict the future, so you can prevent failure and strengthen results.

Metallurgy is the science and study of metals. Through testing and characterizing a metal’s microstructure, chemical and mechanical properties, we can determine whether it is suitable for a particular application or conforms to a required drawing or specification.

Metallurgical analysis can be employed as part of a quality assurance program and has many applications in research and development.

We offer metallurgical testing as a stand-alone service or as a complement to any of our non-destructive testing services. Our metallurgical lab is accredited by A2LA for ISO/IEC 17025; AS9100 and is certified as a General Electric S-400 facility.

American Testing Services will provide you with a high quality, reliable solution to your metallurgical needs. Whether it is failure investigation, routine chemical and mechanical testing, or material selection, our skilled metallurgists can guide you along the most cost-effective path to find the answers you need.

Our Testing Capabilities

Chemical Testing

Corrosion Testing

Failure Analysis

Mechanical Testing


Weld Testing

Metallurgy vs. Non-Destructive Testing

Metallurgy breaks it so you know how, why and where it’s possible to fail. NDT shows you what you need to see without breaking it. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to know, before you need to know it.

American Testing Services Offers Full Spectrum Solutions to Provide You With the Peace of Mind You Need.

In addition to metallugical and non-destructive testing, ATS offers a full range of complementary services to keep your business running such as training, equipment calibrations and consulting.


Equipment Calibrations


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