The manufacturing world seems to be building a bit of a head of steam.  Hopefully you are seeing that in your business and can agree!  The momentum is pretty nice, but it also comes with a price – time!  Time is that thing we always seem to run out of and you can’t buy or borrow more.  In order to keep up with the daily grind, we all tend to save time by skipping some of the detail in things we do.  That leaves us time to focus on the next bigger and better thing.

DSC_3683.110456Most of us are working within the boundaries of one or more ISO standards.  That can make the time vacuum seem a little too close.  But we still have to make sure all the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed to stay compliant and keep the auditors happy.  We know this all too well at American Testing Services!

When we created our Calibration Service Department, we knew the right decision would be to go all the way in securing an ISO 17025 accreditation.  Once this was in place, we began building a customer base for this service.  We learned early some of our calibration services competitors claimed they met the requirements of ISO 17025 but didn’t have the certifications / accreditations.  Unfortunately, some buyers missed this small detail, and it cost them – time AND money.  If this were football, those calibration service suppliers would get thrown out of the game, fined, and be put on probation!  But it’s not football, and that little play on words allows them to continue flying under the radar.

Don’t worry – at ATS, we won’t steal your time.  Any equipment sent to us for calibration is shipped back to you with the certificates.  Customers with calibration service performed on site receive their certificates before we leave.  The calibration services we offer and our accreditation certificates are right on our website.  Need a copy?  Accreditation certificates can be downloaded from our site to your supplier file.  We took care of all of the little details so you don’t have to waste your time.  Click…save…bang…done!