Congratulations to our Ultrasonic Inspection Department! They have been working with GE Power to complete this approval process for several months, and it’s now official.  American Testing Services is now approved to perform ultrasonic immersion as a direct supplier for GE Power. This approval also allows us to provide inspection services for any suppliers to GE Power.

Supplier approvals have been crucial to the growth we’ve experienced over the last 15 years.  We continue to maintain high quality standards in order to meet the needs of these heavy hitters in the manufacturing industry.  We are very excited to add GE Power to this list.

In many cases, a customer’s need for a time efficient testing facility approved by a particular prime has been the driving force behind seeking a supplier approval.  It’s a great win-win situation, as we are able to provide support for a customer who is able to open a door for us with the prime.

If you have questions about ultrasonic immersion inspection, GE Power, or any other supplier approvals, please contact Dan Reynolds at 937-298-9390 or via email.