Calibration Lab Manager, Tim Davis, came to ATS in September 2009.  He has been instrumental in developing our calibration lab services and growing that area of our business.  (If you are in need of calibration services, get more information here.)

Prior to joining our team, Tim was an industrial electrician for 25 years.  Those skills come in pretty handy around our facility – Tim is our general “Mr. Fix It” and there aren’t many challenges he can’t tackle.

Away from work, Tim loves spending time with his family and keeps busy with projects around the house.  They have completely restored a 1864 farmhouse in Sugarcreek, so you know there have been lots of projects!  Over the summer Tim designed and built an amazing outdoor kitchen.  As you might guess, a lot of grilling now happens at Tim’s house.  His wife doesn’t mind one bit though, because Tim now does most of the cooking!