603983_10151656912485826_1446040300_n.153705If you know Chris Small, you know he is a big guy with a big appetite!  Chris loves eating out at the many great locally owned restaurants and pubs in the Miami Valley.  Each month he’ll share one of his favorites with you.

Taqueria Mixteca – 1609 E. Third Street • Dayton, Ohio 45403 – www.taqueriamixteca.com

If you enjoy authentic Mexican food, THIS is the place to go to in Dayton. BUT, if you are expecting a beautiful facility with great ambiance, you’re going to be disappointed.

As at most Mexican restaurants, your server will bring you chips and salsa.  If you like guacamole, theirs is incredible. I personally like the Enchiladas Rancheras, which is three red sauce enchiladas with your choice of meat (I prefer pork/carnitas and grilled chicken/polo asado) with cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, rice and beans. They offer a lot of great lunch specials as well.

The beverages are limited to fountain drinks or Mexican bottled fruit drinks, coffee, milk or bottled water. They also serve great desserts. I hope you enjoy their food as much as I do!