We’re local and we like to support local. We especially like to EAT local. Every month we send a staff member or two out to try a locally owned Miami Valley restaurant, then share the experience here with you.

Pho District – 4474 Glengarry Dr., Beavercreek, OH  45440 – https://www.phodistrictdayton.com/

Last week, my 11-year-old nephew stayed overnight with me, and we picked up carry out for a quick dinner. When I asked what he wanted, his immediate answer was his current favorite restaurant – Pho District at The Greene.

What? Don’t all 11-year-olds choose Vietnamese cuisine?

I have to say; the kid knows his stuff. This was my first visit to Pho District, but it won’t be my last. The atmosphere was bright and clean. The service was quick and very friendly. The food was fresh and generously portioned for a reasonable price.

My little pro ordered Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) with sliced steak. The trick, I learned, is that the rice noodles, cilantro, scallions, onion, and very thinly sliced protein are raw and brought out (or in our case, packaged for carry out) separately from the very hot broth.  You then pour the savory broth into your bowl over all the other ingredients and it cooks in front of your eyes. Fun and delicious!

I chose a crispy tofu vermicelli noodle bowl that included vegetables, peanut, pickled daikon and carrot, and a soy sauce dressing as well as a vegetable egg roll on the side. Everything was fresh, crispy, and full of flavor. While not a full-fledged vegetarian, sometimes I prefer a veg dish, and Pho District has some nice meatless options. Of course, pork, chicken, and beef versions of all dishes are also available.

We always try to feature locally owned restaurants in our newsletter, and I’ll be honest that I’m not 100% certain that Pho District is truly local. Through some internet searching, I found a location in Texas and also possibly one in London, England. So, let’s suffice it to say that The Greene houses the only Pho District I could find within a several hundred-mile radius. And if you enjoy Asian cuisine, it’s a place you need to get to know.

Reviewed by: Joy McMeekin