We are pleased to announce that American Testing Services is now a distributor of Magnaflux inspection chemicals.  We use Magnaflux products in our own magnetic particle and liquid penetrant departments and are very pleased with the product quality. Products available include:

Liquid Penetrant

  • Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrants
  • Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Pentrant
  • Water Based Fluorescent Penetrant
  • Visible / Color Contrast Penetrants
  • Developers
  • Emulsifiers / Removers

Magnetic Particle

  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particles
  • Colored Particles for Wet Method
  • Colored Particles for Dry Method
  • Suspension Vehicle
  • Contrast Paint
  • Water Conditioners & Additives

For specific product information and pricing, contact Ben Graves at 937-298-9390 or via email.

While using quality inspection products certainly makes a difference in the probability of detecting flaws, so does brightness, contrast, and the influence of neighboring objects.  Read this informative article from our friends at Magnaflux.