Working at American Testing is a messy job these days. But all for good reason!  Our facility feels like one big construction site, as we have multiple projects underway that will expand our capabilities for serving our customers.


Parking lot repairs underway

Coming down the road, you can’t help but see Project #1 – parking lot repairs and expansion. When we purchased our Old Byers Road facility nearly two years ago, the parking lot wasn’t in great shape, but it was tolerable.  The time has come to repair damaged areas, especially those in the shipping and receiving area, which will make for much smoother deliveries and pickups.  Additional parking spaces will be added to the north end of the existing lot to help accommodate our growing staff while leaving ample room for visitors and training class participants.


Cal Lab paint booth

Speaking of training classes, Project #2 is the addition of two classroom spaces in our main office area. Each space will be outfitted with projection technology and comfortable desk-like workstations to provide an enhanced learning experience.  The classrooms will be separated by a moveable wall that, when open, will provide one large space for bigger meetings, networking events, other similar activities.

Project #3 is located in the Calibrations Lab. A “dark room” is under construction that will allow for more efficient work on light meters.  In the equipment rehab area, a paint booth has been added to provide a safe and clean atmosphere for putting fresh shine on refurbished equipment (See all the used equipment currently for sale.)


Digging site for new immersion tank

Lastly, but certainly not least, our Ultrasonic department is the site of Project #4. Yes, it looks like it’s just a big hole in the ground.  But that hole will soon hold our third immersion inspection system.  This newest system will increase our weight capacity to 2500 lbs. and will use the latest analytic and data processing software available. Adding a third system will also allow us to shorten our turnaround times, providing even quicker results for our customers.

While construction can be inconvenient, it is temporary, and we are looking forward to sharing these new amenities with you soon! Visit Facebook for more construction pics and stay tuned for photos of the finished products!