We all receive surveys via mail or email…from suppliers and vendors, sometimes even from trade associations or a local chamber of commerce.  But how often do we really take the time to fill them out?  Sure, these questionnaires can become overwhelming at times, and perhaps, even a little annoying.  Especially when your desk is piled high with work and your Outlook inbox is overflowing.  Yet it is important to take the time to address these surveys.  Here’s why.

You received that survey for a good reason.  The sender considers you to be a valued customer or supplier.  Your business relationship is important to him, and he needs to know how his company is performing for you.  Customer surveys are also typically required for compliance from a certifying body such as ISO.  The feedback you provide could be invaluable in helping to ascertain internal process issues.  Addressing and solving those issues will allow your supplier to provide you with the best quality and most expedient service possible.  Now, who doesn’t want that from a supplier?

Granted, these questionnaires should be user friendly and designed so that they are quick and easy to complete.  Keeping the number of questions to ten or less should require only a couple of minutes of your time.  Making this small sacrifice of time to complete and return a survey allows us to learn from each other.  And when we all work together, we can all become stronger partners in business.