ATS is participating in the UDRI Small Business Expo on Friday, September 28th.  We hope you will attend and stop by our booth!  Here are some details on the event:

UDRI is committed to building relationships that expand opportunities for small businesses.  Our goal with this event is to create an atmosphere of collaboration and support between individuals at the University of Dayton Research Institute and small businesses in our community.

UDRI Small Business Expo Highlights:

· Small, local businesses from various industries will be present for networking opportunities!

· Attendance is free.

UDRI Small Business Expo Location Details:

The event will be held at the University of Dayton’s new River Campus location.  Free parking available in the North parking lot.


For more information regarding the UDRI Small Business Expo, please contact:

Sarah Browning, 937-229-3824 or

Amy Davidson, 937-229-3062 or