As an AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, we are required to monitor, measure, and implement continual improvement.  In fact, our company mission statement reads: “American Testing Services, Ltd. was founded on the belief that quality as a first priority, customer service as a second priority, and delivery as a third priority are the foundation of our company. […] We believe that the Quality Management System (QMS) that governs American Testing Services, Ltd. is reflective of our philosophy (quality, customer service, delivery).  We will continuously work to improve its effectiveness.”

So, you ask…what is continual improvement?

Simply stated, it means “getting better all the time.”  Through all aspects of our organization including leadership, communication, resources, people and processes, ATS strives to get better all the time.  Not only to fulfill our company policy and quality objectives, but most importantly, to satisfy our customers.

One of the ways we monitor and measure that satisfaction is through feedback.  You may remember reading a previous newsletter article about the importance of completing surveys.  Yes, we are guilty of sending out those boring surveys.  However, they play a key role in our continual improvements by providing feedback – both good and bad – that helps guide us in the areas in which we need to focus.

All feedback is reviewed upon receipt.  Any immediate improvements needed are addressed and implemented.  Changes that require extensive planning for long term improvements are reviewed on a weekly basis during our staff meeting.  All progress is documented and reported quarterly in our management review meeting.

Through communication with our customers and the feedback you provide, we can focus on better results such as price, productivity, responsiveness, delivery time, profit, and customer and employee satisfaction.  In our unique line of business, continual improvement is key to maintaining our competitive edge.